Live or Studio Session Work

An uncanny ability to just turn up and do the job required – no fuss, no time wasting and on the money every time; these are just a few of the reasons why bands and studios across the UK keep asking Steve back time and time again. Well known for being something of a ‘Super Dep’, Steve can fit in easily with an existing section of any size; charts or no charts! But not just a section player, Steve is equally at home playing solo parts – any style.

Steve’s recording pedigree is equally impressive, as a section or solo player and also as a producer. Money rules when it comes to precious recording time – with Steve you get what you need quickly and efficiently – every time.

If you don't have access to a recording studio that's not a problem either - simply send your track as a WAV or MP3 and all of the horn parts can be recorded and sent back to you in the file format of your choice.

Get in touch to hire Steve for a job or to discuss your recording requirements - just click on the button below.

The Little Big Horns

OK so you’d love a horn section on your album or for that special gig but you just don’t have the contacts to make it happen.

In 1986 Steve and Patsy Gamble formed the Little Big Horns. Joined a year later by Andy on trombone the Little Big Horns are one of the hardest working horn sections in the UK. Whether you want a two, three, four or even five piece section we can supply it. Trumpet, flugel horn alto, tenor and baritone saxes and flutes in any combination.

The Little Big Horns have an amazing back catalogue of studio and TV soundtrack work and have appeared live with some of the biggest names in the musical world.

Of you want to hire The Little Big Horns for your gig or studio session - just get in touch to discuss your requirements or budget.

Compositions, Arrangements

Not just an accomplished performer, Steve has composed, arranged and scored horn parts for many bands in many styles.

If you are a covers band and simply want the horn parts for the hits of the day transcribed or you are a producer wanting some original killer brass lines to really make your recording stand out look no further.

Delivered hard copy or electronically using the latest notation and score writing technology and with a quick turnaround.

Just get in touch to discuss options - and don't forget that if you don't have a horn section ready to go we can supply that too!.

Studio Production

There’s an old saying – “it takes one to know one”. In this case, if you want to know what a top horn section should sound like, ask a top horn player!

A good producer can get exactly the right players for the job, help a band by guiding them towards the best possible options for the song and most importantly get the very best performance out of the musicians.

Steve has worked in some of the world’s top studios with some of the best musicians around. He understands the technology but more importantly knows how to make sure that that same technology does not get in the way of making great music.

Playing a brass or wind instrument is a physically demanding discipline and performing under pressure in a studio can be nerve wracking for even the most seasoned player. Taking sole production duties or working alongside your own producer Steve can help make sure that the result you get is the one your music deserves.

Performance Coaching

No two people see the world in the exactly same way, and no two people have the same preferences when it comes to learning. Some of the most outgoing and confident individuals can freeze when it comes to performing in front of a live audience.

Using a mixture of accredited coaching and NLP techniques supported by a lifetime in the music business Steve can help anyone overcome their ‘stage fright’ and release the potential they truly have.

Working with whole horn sections, coaching them and putting them through their paces before that big gig, or working with individual performers, using relaxation and visualisation techniques to help them prepare for that special performance – let Steve work with you to break down the inhibitions and unlock your ‘inner star’.